Illuminize Peel

Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons offers the Illuminize Peel to patients in Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Findlay, Sylvania and the surrounding areas.

What is the Illuminize Peel?

For those who have never tried microdermabrasion or chemical peels, or who are looking for a gentle, superficial peel to increase glow and radiance, the Illuminize Peel is the perfect introductory peel. It gradually targets uneven pigmentation caused from aging and prior sun damage, lightening those hyper-pigmented areas to achieve a clear, even-toned complexion. This low-key "lunchtime" peel is perfect before a special event to give your complexion that luminous glow, with little to no burning sensation and down time.

If you want to see some Illuminize Peel before and after pictures, if you want to discuss Illuminize Peel prices, or if you simply want to learn more about the procedure, please call our offices today to set up your consultation.

How is the Illuminize Peel Performed?

Prior to the Illuminize Peel procedure, you should avoid sun exposure, waxing, electrolysis and depilatory creams for at least one week. Your skin will be cleansed and all make up will be removed. Then, your technician will apply a chemical solution to the skin, causing it to peel. The active agent will be applied to the treatment area, stimulating new, regenerated skin to appear.

You may experience a warming sensation for about five to 10 minutes, and the procedure itself will only take about 20 minutes.

Am I a Good Candidate for the Illuminize Peel?

If you want to soften the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other sun-related damage, and you've never had a chemical peel before, Illuminize Peel may be perfect for you. It's a very gentle, superficial peel that works to maximize skin rejuvenation with very little irritation. During your initial consultation, you should discuss your specific goals with your doctor, who will come up with a customized treatment plan for you.

What Kind of Post-Operative Illuminize Peel Care Can I Expect?

There is little to no downtime following the Illuminize Peel. Patients are free to resume normal daily activities immediately, making it the perfect “touch up” treatment before a special event. For maximum results, avoid sun exposure and continue a proper skin care regimen.

What are the Typical Results of an Illuminize Peel?

One benefit of the Illuminize Peel is that there is little to no visible peeling, unlike some other, harsher treatments. Your skin will appear tighter, glowing and radiant after just one treatment. As you can see in these Illuminize Peel before and after pictures, those who have undergone the procedure experience an improvement in their skin's clarity, color and texture.

Although you'll see drastic improvements after just one treatment, best results are often achieved after a series of three to six peels. Luckily the Illuminize Peel is gentle enough to repeat every two weeks until your desired results are achieved.

What are Maumee Illuminize Peel Costs?

The best way to inquire about Illuminize Peel prices is to call our offices and speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Because every person has different skin and different goals, your Illuminize Peel costs may vary. Our staff members are happy to set up a one-on-one consultation with one of our doctors, who will come up with the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

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