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Dr. Kesler’s Patients

Dr. Kesler’s patients are very vocal about their certainty that he was the surgeon for them. Hear their stories in these personal patient testimonials and find out what was on their minds and how Dr. Kesler eased their worries.

Just had my surgery last Wed. Very happy with my results so far! Surgery went great and now my recovery is going along smoothly. Dr Kessler is a wonderful surgeon. Also the staff, such caring people! I have no regrets!!! Very EXCITED about my life changing experience. Thank you!!!!!
~Ronda R.

Dr. Kesler is a wonderfully skilled surgeon. He did a great job repairing my son’s facial injuries so naturally when I was diagnosed with basal cell on my forehead I knew who to call. After two surgeries, including a skin graft, I’m on the mend thanks to Dr. Kesler and his caring staff. They are the BEST!

Dr. Kesler and his team are great to work with! They made me feel special before, during, and after surgery!

Love them! Dr. Kessler and his staff are wonderful!
~Lorri F.

I broke my hand pretty bad. Dr Kesler was an amazing choice! I first went to the Toledo hospital E.R., where one of the emergency physicians recommended Dr. Kesler. I am thankful and blessed that I seen that E.R. physician first however I forget his name. I have full range of motion with my hand. I also work out with weights regularly and was back in the gym only 5 weeks after his minimally invasive surgery. My older brother broke his hand similarly to mine and was left with a giant scar from his wrist to knuckle. With Dr. Kesler he told me “I’m going to make 2 small incisions to place pins to hold your bone in place”. I thought he would make sizable cuts… but in fact I couldn’t even tell he made a cut at all. Dr. Kesler is a master of his craft and now I’m left with a fully functional hand with 0 limitations along with no scars. +10 to this plastic surgeon! Ps. Dr. Kesler if you see this I thank you for the care that you have given me and keep it up!
~Scott C.

Exceptional service. Everybody specially Dr. kesler were so warm, friendly ……..It is my third day after full tummy tuck, I am already walking and feeling great. I get excited to look in the mirror even though I am wrapped in bandages and binder. They all made me feel home and I am so happy to get to know them. I drove 3 hours for this surgery. Totally worth it. Thanks Dr. Kesler and his staff.